Understanding The Costs Associated With Your Home's Boiler

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When your home's boiler is not working properly, you need to determine if you should replace or repair it. However, without adequate information, you may end up unnecessarily replacing it. For this reason, you have to know what factors and services will help you make a decision concerning your home's boiler.

General Maintenance

Before any work can be done on your boiler, it is best to have it inspected. The technician will look for problems such as corrosion, leaks and frayed wiring. All of these issues can cause your boiler to fail; general maintenance on a routine basis will help prevent this from happening.

If a problem is found, the repair cost can range from $50 to $300. Usually, the amount of work and the placement of your boiler will influence this price the most. For example, if the technician needs to move your boiler to handle the repairs, the price will typically go up because of the labor and time involved to complete the work.

Additional Costs

When you are considering repair work over replacing your boiler, you need to have your entire system inspected. In many cases, the technician will not find a problem with the boiler; instead, the ductwork is the problem.

With this type of situation, the cost is generally $35 to $50 for each linear foot of ductwork that needs repairs. However, this amount pays for the labor and materials for the work. If only a small section is damaged, you may be able to get your boiler working properly for an affordable rate.

Replacement Costs

Replacing an older boiler will come with a higher price that averages $6,057. This price tag usually includes the amount for the boiler, labor, additional materials and time.

Additional features, such as energy efficiency, will cost you more. Additionally, a newer model that is not compatible with your current set up can also add to the overall cost. The advantage of installing a new and more efficient boiler is that they can lower your home's heating bill by 30 percent, which means the boiler will pay for itself over time.

If you need to reduce the replacement cost, then it may be a better choice to buy a standard unit. With this option, you do not save a lot of money each month on your heating bill, but you can bring the installation cost down to $4,700 or lower. Therefore, before you make a decision about your boiler, it is best to consult a company like Reagan-Riter Boiler Works Inc that specifically repairs and replaces these appliances on a regular basis.