Reduce How Much Is Thrown Away In Your School Cafeteria

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If you oversee the cafeteria at a school, reduce the amount of food and packaging that is thrown away by considering the following options. As a result, the dumpster that you are renting won't need to be emptied as much and you will be putting many items to good use.

Donate To Local Farms

If farmers live in your area, donate leftover food to them. They can give these food items to their livestock. Farm animals eat many types of food that are commonly served at schools. To make this task easier, make a list of the farms in the area and give the farmers a call to find out if they are interested in the leftovers. Use large plastic containers to store the food in and set up a time for the farmers to drop by and pick them up. 

Give Packaging To Classrooms For Projects

Boxes and milk containers can be used to make art projects in the classrooms at the school. Bird feeders, plant holders, and dioramas are just a few of the projects that can be made with these materials. Collect these items and empty them or wash them out after lunch has been served. Write a list of the items that you have available and make copies. Distribute them to the classrooms.  

If any of the teachers would like to use some of the items, they can let you know what is needed. Teachers will appreciate not having to fork out extra money for materials that are already available at the school.

Bring Food To Soup Kitchens

Soup kitchens serve people who are hungry on a daily basis. Because these establishments never know how many people are going to show up to eat, they may not have enough food to go around on some days. Soup kitchens rely heavily upon public donations, making it difficult to succeed if enough people in the community aren't contributing. Give each soup kitchen a call if you have a lot of food left over on a particular day. You can drop off the donations after you get off work or arrange to have people from the soup kitchens pick them up.

Once you begin reducing the amount of waste that is placed in the dumpster, like those available from Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc., you will feel good about your efforts. You will have less trash to lug outside and will be helping many people who live in the area.