Protecting Scrap Metal When Demolishing A Building

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If you are planning on having a building knocked down so you can build a new one on your property, you have most likely hired a demolition company to take care of the job. Your demolition service will work with safety in mind as they bring your old building to the ground. In this process, scrap metal will be present for recycling if you wish to make some extra cash from the process. Here are some ways you can safeguard these valuable pieces during the demolition so you will not lose them to theft.

Be Around At All Times

During the demolition, make it known you plan on being on the premises to oversee the project in case the demolition company needs to ask you any questions. Having the service know you are around will help keep your scrap metal pieces from going into one of their vehicles to be salvaged by workers doing the demolition. Let the foreman know you intend on recycling this material before the job begins, so employees do not assume it was free for the taking.

Mark Pieces Accordingly

When you get the go-ahead that it is safe to walk through the rubble, pick up the scrap metal pieces and prepare them for recycling by making a small mark on each one. This can be done with a bit of colored paint or with a permanent marker. If pieces of scrap metal end up missing, you will be able to alert the police of the markings you had placed on the pieces so the robber will be caught. You can then contact scrap metal yards in your area of these pieces so they can be on the lookout for someone trying to cash in on your metal.

Keep It Contained

When the material is being removed from your property, the scrap metal will need to be placed in an area where it will not be taken by refuse collection services. Consider drilling a small hole in each piece and chaining them together until you can get a recycling truck to come pick them up. Another idea is to place the pieces inside a metal cage and lock it so people cannot steal it in the night.

Hire Security

If the clean up process is going to take several days, hiring a security service to watch over your property can be a huge help in deterring thieves. Have a guard patrol the area during times demolition and clean up is not going on. They will be able to alert authorities if anything suspicious happens on your property, perhaps thwarting a robbery in progress as a result.

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