3 Innovatively Modern Home Features Made Possible By Fabricated Steel

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You may think that while in the process of remodeling your home that you have no reason to visit a steel fabrication shop like Simko Industrial Fabricators, but you may be surprised to hear that this could be one of the places where you find what ends up being some of your favorite home design features. Taking your home from ordinary and traditional to modern and extraordinary could easily be about the steel features that you choose to implement. There are at least a few modern design ideas involving fabricated steel that you may not want to pass up. 

Check out stainless steel tile. 

Subway tile may be all the rage in some modern homes, but why not take it a step further and add a touch of something that is a little more industrial in appearance. Stainless steel tile works well in the bathroom or kitchen, but can just as easily be a focal point on a wall in the great room or a statement around the fireplace. Stainless steel tile is fabricated from solid pieces of lightweight steel and offers an array of finishes, from brushed to hammered, which makes it easy to find a tile appearance that will work well in your home. 

Consider adding fabricated steel and wood cabinetry. 

If you are not really looking for the added expense of completely replacing your wooden kitchen cabinets, but still want a more modern touch, consider having the cabinetry refaced, or partially trimmed in fabricated steel. The combination of industrial steel and wood creates a dramatic and demure look in the kitchen that is hard to ignore style wise, but also easy to clean and more durable than the wooden cabinets would ever be on their own. Fabricated steel and wooden cabinetry pairs quite well with other modern kitchen features, such as metal-surface countertops or textured concrete flooring. 

Ask about custom steel stair railing. 

Pull out the traditional wood railing and balusters that now line the stairway and amp up the modern appeal of this eye-catching home feature with steel stair railing and hand rails. Fabricated steel can be custom designed in an array of different styles, from straight-cut and geometric to twisted and gnarly like that of real-life tree branches. Stop in a metal fabrication shop and ask about working with a designer to create stairway railings and hand rails that are catered to your unique sense of home style.