EDM Vs. Milling For Die And Mold Machining

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Traditionally, choosing how to approach a workpiece was relatively straightforward. Choosing between EDM and milling is becoming more difficult in a lot of die and mold shops. There seem to be new rules, making the choice complicated. Here is when it makes sense to use each respective process:



Sometimes, despite the different benefits of each method, it comes down to which machine is open or which employees are available to program or work them. In fact, programming is an increasingly important factor in the debate about EDM vs. milling. Your team's ability to maintain efficiencies of scale while implementing applications that achieve the desired level of accuracy will be key in determining whether or not EDM is a viable alternative to traditional milling. Each workpiece is different, so be sure to review each project individually and make the most informed decision. Contact local professionals, such as those from Tri-State Fabricators Inc, for further assistance.