Three Factors For Choosing The Right Steel Fabricator

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When you are looking for a great steel fabrication company for your manufacturing process, it's important to consider several factors to make sure you've got the right fit. Here are three factors to consider.

Steel Types Offered

Many different types of steel can be fabricated. Some of the most common types are stainless steel and high carbon steel, which are some of the most versatile and strong types. Weathering steel is also useful, especially if your products will be used outside; some buyers may look for the rugged quality of weather steel as a visual cue that the products will be able to withstand the elements. Spring steel is also a common offering for manufacturing projects that need a resilient metal. Make sure that your company offers the types of steel that fit your product best. 

Fabrication Processes Used

Sometimes sheet metal fabrication may be the most appropriate format for your finished products. This can certainly be a cheaper option, since there is less processing that the fabricator has to do. Steel fabricators can also manufacture the products into specific shapes and sizes using a variety of techniques. While you may have the capability to do some of this yourself, getting it taken care of by your steel fabrication company can help to cut down the number of steps that your team has to cope with. And you'll know that you have a quality starting product to work with that's already partially manufactured. 

For example, there are a couple of different cutting operations to choose from. Some of the most common are plasma torches that cut a crisp line. Water jets are another example of high-powered cutting tools. Lasers may also be available, although they can be more expensive. 

Folding options also abound, but be careful that the techniques are high quality because folding the steel can reduce its strength if done improperly. The brake press is one of the better tools used for folding steel while making sure that the pressure on it remains even. Welders may be available at your steel fabrication company as well. Review your product design with each steel fabrication company to see what kinds of deliverables they can offer to help you work most efficiently. 

Cost-to-Strength Ratio

Finally, each steel fabrication company may offer products of varying strength and cost. Be sure to evaluate the price alongside the estimated tensile strength of the steel to make sure that you're getting value for your money. Click here for more info.