4 Factors To Consider Before Having A New Commercial Hot Water Heater Installed

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While your currently installed commercial hot water heater may be working as intended, many property owners choose to have their heating systems overhauled for a number of reasons.  Whether are looking at new water heaters at the urging of your HVAC technician or simply feel that it is time for an upgrade, there are several factors that need to be weighed prior to making any major commercial heating changes to your building.

1. Knowing How Much Hot Water Your Commercial Building Uses — Before you can choose the right type of commercial hot water heater for your needs, you will need to approximate how much hot water is used. Multi-dwelling unit apartment buildings likely use a lot more hot water than warehouses, but either way, an ASME-rated heater is recommended.

2. Comparing Commercial Hot Water Heater Warranties — If you're going to invest in any part of your building's commercial heating system, a comparison of warranties is necessary. Generally, higher BTU hot water heaters come with longer warranties, but this only applies to brand new units. Talk to your commercial heating and cooling technician about commercial hot water heater warranty specifics.

3. Regulating Hot Water Usage — In addition to considering the amount of hot water your commercial building goes through on average, you also need to think about how water flow is regulated. You will want to ensure that a sufficient amount of hot water remains available to every part of your building at all times. This is especially true for residential buildings during the winter months.

4. Comparing Commercial Hot Water Heater Costs — There can be a huge price difference between a 75-gallon commercial hot water heater and a water heater that stores 100 gallons, but don't be so fast to go for the cheapest option first. Installing a commercial hot water heater that is insufficient for your building's needs can lead to your entire heating system being overworked and cause mechanical components to fail over time. Consider the fact that buying a new hot water heater can be written off on your taxes if you are concerned about the upfront costs.

Commercial buildings with heated indoor pools, laundry facilities, or commercial kitchens require special considerations when choosing the right hot water heater. Follow the advice of your commercial heating contractor and you will be able to find a hot water heater that perfectly meets your specifications. For more information, contact local professionals like Mercury Tec.